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The Mystery of George & Martha

Mary O’Reilly, tell me Mary Martha Mystery
In the yard of George’s hostelry
George of Dragon notoriety
Patron saint of nationality
Did pierce the Dragon bodily
With his fearsome lance of Destiny

And Martha tamed it tenderly
Stroke the head and cunningly
With her girdle bound the beastie
And so did harness Dragon Energy

According to O’Reilly
In the Yard of George’s Hostelry
And I the Childe at Liberty
To reveal my Southwark Mystery

How George returned to Liberty
To tend the very dragon he
Had slain, to labour patiently
To heal the wound of history.

Once for all Eternity
By the grace of Mary Overie.

From the Southwark Mysteries
by John Constable, published by Oberon Books.