Fight Club

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The film, "Fight Club"

Fight Club

Fight Club is a film that a lot of people don’t go to because they think it is violent. It is! But more than this, it is a brilliant, funny and highly disturbing film about severe mental illness and recovery (survival might be a better word). The film’s gripping narrative expresses the alienation from, and frustration with, the modern world which we all experience to some extent.

It touches on all sorts of themes that are important to the ethos of Mental Fight Club. Strange really because, the name of Mental Fight Club was given in provocative and humorous ignorance of what the film is all about.

The First Rule of Fight Club
First Rule: You do not talk about Fight Club
Second Rule: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club

The First Rule of Mental Fight Club
You can tell anyone and everyone about Mental Fight Club

For some choice quotes from the film click here

We focussed on how film can tackle issues of mental illness and recovery in March 2013 @ The Dragon Café.