Mental Illness

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Sarah and friend
Sarah with friend, carer and champion, Heloise Osborne

Mental Illness

The mental illness of the Founder, Sarah Wheeler (aka Thomas Tobias), has been severe and enduring, with no obvious circumstantial factors to explain it. Inner symptoms began to sprout at the age of ten. Yet the strange inner experience remained a secret until, aged 26, feeling unable to cope any more, she made a suicide attempt, the first of many, and was admitted to Springfield Hospital in 1990

Mental Fight Club opposes the view that mental illness, or the ‘ill parts’ we all carry in ourselves at different times are merely mad, bad and dangerous and therefore need not to be listened to or explored. This attitude only leads to social isolation and a failure to learn from the creativity that lies locked away in mental illness and the richness and wisdom that can be gained in recovery.

MFC strongly believes that the medical model of mental illness needs to be more richly complemented by creative activity and an openness of heart. Our view is that people who have visited any extreme mental edge and survived have a lot to contribute to discussions about the deeper roots of mental illness and the process of recovery and a broader awareness of what it means to be ... human.

We explored the onset of mental illness in October 2012 @ The Dragon Cafe.

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