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map of Southwatk 1830

The Mystery of Old Southwark

Called the 'Outlaw Borough'; this small area of London, between London Bridge & the Elephant & Castle has a history which is as rich and deep as it is painful and neglected. Comprising of five ‘Medieval Liberties’, the area has opposing histories of material poverty and creative riches – Blake, Chaucer, Dickens, Keats and Shakespeare all lived or worked here.

It has a tradition of repression by the City and the Church and of consequent rebellion, both economic and religious. As such its buildings, old and new, its secret passages, its bridges, its burial grounds, its prisons, its pubs, its small parks and gardens all stand as a profound inspiration to the work of Mental Fight Club.

We explored the Spirit of Place in December 2012 @ the Dragon Café.

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