St George

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Uccello's St George

St George

Mental Fight Club was founded in 2003 at a creative gathering in the crypt of Saint George the Martyr Church, just opposite Borough tube station. The Outlaw Borough of Southwark is full of references to George, the Dragon and the Maiden. On St George’s Day, we run the Great Southwark Dragon Quest, a guided walk with clues for adults and children, led by John Constable & Katie Nicholls of Crossbones and Southwark Mysteries.

So, while Ben Okri is our ‘Real Patron’, St George is our Imaginary One. Not only because of the group therapeutic approach he took to the slaying of dragons, but because the inspirationally symbolic and creative tension he maintains between the transcendence and defence of boundaries. As well as Nationalism and War, his flag symbolises Renewal, Change & Hope.

He is Patron Saint of England but his patronage is celebrated in cities and countries across the world. Born in Turkey and buried in Palestine, he was a Christian Roman Centurion who is said to have slayed the dragon in Libya. For his Christian faith he was martyred Roman-style by being dragged by horses, roasted in a brass bull and then beheaded.

Click here for A Southwark Poem - The Mystery of George & Martha - by John Constable of Crossbones & writer of the Southwark Mysteries

We explored St George and other spiritual icons in April 2013 @ The Dragon Café.