William Blake

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Isaac Newton by William Blake
Isaac Newton by William Blake

Life, Art & Vision of William Blake

William Blake was born into a lowly household in Soho, London in 1757. From humble but intense beginnings he was to become England’s greatest visionary Poet, Artist & Prophet. His work is both simple and overwhelming.  Often referred to as ‘mad’, Blake was never made unahppy by his inner visions and dialogues. They were his creative well-spring from which he powerfully and perceptively connected with the world.

His artistic legacy is vast, complex and full of revolutionary insights into the spiritual, the material and the poetic. A crusader for the Creative Imagination, he worked tirelessly in obscurity, his Art standing out against the Rational Materialism of the Age of Enlightenment in which he lived. Blake died in 1827, yet it wasn’t really until the 1960s that his Art, Poetry and Vision began to surface again into popular consciousness.

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We will be exploring the Art & Vision of William Blake in November 2012 @ The Dragon Café in partnership with the Blake Society & The Congregation